Help everyone find relief from physical stiffness and pain by blending state-of-the art technology and interactive content to provide a personalised guided practice, anywhere, anytime.

Meet the team

Learners and teachers on a mission to make self-care with Yoga accessible to everyone.

Aman Mittal

Aman Mittal


Jaykumar Patel

Jaykumar Patel

Lead Technical Firefighter


Vignesh Prabhu


Vikrant Fernandes

Vikrant Fernandes

Full-Mat Engineer

yegneshwar ramesh

Yegneshwar Ramesh

Interface Ninja

Nikita Breathe Yoga

Nikita Sutariya

Yoga Teacher

Mayura Yoga

Mayura Pednekar

Yoga Teacher

Pratibha Yoga

Pratibha Shewaramani

Yoga Teacher