Help everyone find relief from physical stiffness and pain by blending state-of-the art technology and interactive content to provide a personalised guided practice, anywhere, anytime.

Meet the team

Learners and teachers on a mission to make self-care with Yoga accessible to everyone.

Aman Mittal

Aman Mittal


Jaykumar Patel

Jaykumar Patel

Lead Technical Firefighter


Vignesh Prabhu


Nikita Breathe Yoga

Nikita Sutariya

Yoga Teacher

Mayura Yoga

Mayura Pednekar

Yoga Teacher

Pratibha Yoga

Pratibha Shewaramani

Yoga Teacher

Vikrant Fernandes

Vikrant Fernandes

Full-Mat Engineer

yegneshwar ramesh

Yegneshwar Ramesh

Interface Ninja

Pratik Patwari

Pratik Patwari

Production Geek

gurman kaur

Gurman Kaur

Content Wizard