Your Personal Yoga Trainer

Fit Yoga transforms your phone into a personal Yoga instructor, offering you instant insights into your alignment and progress as you practice
Strengthen body & mind with
Guided Stretching & Breathing
Begin your daily practice

Balance your weekly practice with asana recommendations that target the whole body

Stretch at your own pace

Perform movements step-by-step and improve posture with real-time voice feedback

Breathe a little deeper

Focus on your breath with calming animations and guided audio sessions

Personal guidance at your convenience

Step in to a connected Yoga practice by  simply placing your smartphone 5 feet away and stepping on your mat.

Real-time Tracking

Tracks 18 key-points on your body with your smartphone

Instant Voice Feedback

Checks posture alignment and gives suggestions to improve

Private and Secure

Your footage is not stored or shared outside your phone

Practice in English & Hindi

Get guidance and feedback in a language you're comfortable in

Track and improve your asanas

Chart the quality of your practice and identify specific postures you are struggling with.

Discover sequences to improve mobility and strength in muscles and joints.

Release stress with mindful breathing

Bring peace and tranquility to your day-to-day life with different breathing techniques and exercises designed to bring your body to a deep relaxation state.

Better practice habits every day

Fill energy in your yogic fitness rings every week to balance your practice and consistently target the entire body.

Begin practicing with Fit Yoga